DOGE has now been listed on the Waves DEX and you can exchange your DOGE coins directly for DOGE Waves tokens below. – The conversion is at a 1:1 ratio.

The listing has been created by creating a “bridge gateway” to the Waves blockchain. The Waves whitepaper explains in detail how assets can be digitised on the Waves blockchain. This thus creates an additional trading platform for BEZY holders and gives DOGE access to all the Waves current and future functionalities under development such as “smart contracts”. Convert your coins to tokens on the Waves platform and try it out.

The source code for the DOGE coin Waves DEX bridge can be found here: Doge Coin Waves DEX bridge source code

You can find Doge on the waves trading platform by searching for the following asset id: DvpmDF45bmo9xDb6rSte8uPPWWeh6EGzoATwxMStWQKT