Welcome to the BEZY Community Outreach program

A story recently  circulated on  Reddit , where a Venezuelan user thanked the crypto community for the donation of 0.5 NANO—only about $1.80, but “almost one entire monthly salary” in the malnourished country.

As is customary on Reddit, the donations snowballed, and the user soon replied with grateful photos of 102 kilograms of food, purchased with crypto donations. 

These and other stories show how crypto donations can change the lives of ordinary people in difficult circumstances. As BEZY is a community project, it is natural that BEZY would contribute to these causes.

The BEZY Outreach program accommodates this and community or project leaders are invited to apply for free BEZY for their project.

Apply here for free crypto 

We also invite anyone to send us stories on how free crypto impacted their lives.