Welcome to BEZY Coin

BEZY  Coin [ Bank-Ezy Coin ] is a coin created to bring seamless and private crypto banking to everyone.

Ever since Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi, it has been seen as a the promise of liberation of the masses from the enslavement of the banking system. Until now however this promise has not been fulfilled and although cryptocurrencies and its ecosystem has made massive strides to empower the individual, it has struggled lately with scaling issues and raising fees. Furthermore, blockchain is trying to go “mainstream” and lots of companies are “selling” out the dream of individual indepence and are becoming co-enslavers in the system. So where is the crypto bank for the masses?


Bank-Ezy plans to change all of this. A real crypto bank for the masses, bringing seamless and private crypto banking to everyone. Borderless, peer-2-peer banking and trading for everyone. Now anyone with a connected device can be his or her own bank.

Read the White Paper here:

As stated in the White Paper, BEZY Coin is a community coin created for the community,

100 Million BEZY Coins have been pre-mined and will be given away to the BEZY Community in the next 90 days, so you have limited time to claim your BEZY Coin/

To kick things off:



Here are the ways you can currently claim Free BEZ.

Join the Airdrop:

Joining the Airdrop a great way for you to build your BEZY Portfolio – Click here to Join

Earn BEZY as a Bank-Ezy Wallet user:

Open an account with the Bank-Ezy Exchange and you will receive Airdrops straight into your account. Airdrops will be calculated as a percentage of the Cryptocurrency you hold on the Bank-Ezy  Exchange. These will be on any coins you hold. For example if you hold Bitcoin in your wallet, you could receive your BTC balance x 1000 in BEZY. These Airdrops will be announced on Twitter and will be a surprise. So make sure you use BEZ Wallet as your main Crypto wallet and earn rewards for being a regular user.

Earn Daily with the BEZY Hodl Program

Holders of BEZY in their BEZY Wallet account will earn daily on their balance with the BEZY Hodl Program. Details of this will be announced here shortly, so come back to check but in the meantime, claim and hold as much BEZY as you can.

Join the Community:

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